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Your studies in Frankfurt and the surrounding area

Upscaled student rooms in Frankfurt am Main

Starting a course of study is associated with different challenges. Moving to a foreign city, taking on responsibility for the first time and being on your own: For many prospective students this means a big change. It is therefore important to have a place of retreat that offers all the benefits of a furnished student apartment – including comfortable furnishings and an ideal location in the heart of Frankfurt am Main.

Student apartment Frankfurt: Furnished student rooms in a top location.

Anyone considering studying in Frankfurt knows that enrolling at a university or a technical college is not enough – after all, studying always involves looking for an affordable accommodation. It is not just about the rental price; the furniture and the location of the student apartment in Frankfurt is also a big part. Inexpensive living space has become rare, however – and a conventional student room often means major compromises in terms of furnishings and comfort. It does not have to be like that! We rooms offers students a real alternative: We have modern student rooms in which you can feel at home – without having to do without high-quality furnishings.

Bare walls and a lack of living comfort? Not really! We rooms offers you high-quality furnished student flat-share rooms in Frankfurt am Main. In addition to bright, open rooms, the best equipment and wifi included, your benefits are:

• Modern and contemporary room furnishings

• First-class communal kitchens and bathrooms

• Stylish, comfortable room furnishings and subtle wall design.

Anyone who decides for a We rooms student apartment decides for living at top conditions. Our student rooms offer you an excellent alternative to a hotel - without having to forego a certain luxury. Do your studies carefree and look for suitable long-term accommodation without time pressure: In the meantime, we have the perfect apartment for high demands ready - regardless of whether you want a single apartment or a student flat share in Frankfurt.
Do you want to live at the pulse of the city, want to have a good access to public transportation and want to get to campus quickly and easily? Do not worry! Our student apartments in Frankfurt am Main are in a central location - without the annoying traffic noise. With numerous connected terraces and balconies and a view into the green, a pleasant living atmosphere is pre-programmed - unpack your suitcase and feel good!

Single student apartment or student flat share in Frankfurt? It is your choice!

You will not find sad dormitory ambience at We rooms. Our student rooms in Frankfurt combine the pleasant with the practical: Top equipment, flexible rental periods and single or flat share options included.

Living comfort always depends on individual ideas and wishes. Above all, do you want privacy and prefer a student apartment that belongs only to you? Then our single apartments are just right for you.
If you like it more sociable and like to have a chat, one of our student shared rooms is the right place for you. Here you benefit from a high quality furnished retreat with communal kitchen and enjoy the feeling of a typical student flat share.

Student flat share in Frankfurt am Main: Make a reservation request now.

Are you looking for the perfect interim solution and value high living quality? What are you waiting for? At We rooms you can expect everything you could want from a modern student apartment in Frankfurt: Stylishly furnished rooms, high-quality furniture and an optimal location in the center of Frankfurt make our apartments the perfect solution for students with high demands. Contact us, send us a reservation request and convince yourself of the first-class quality of living that We rooms has to offer!